Our final bat walk for the year thanks to the WMCA was last night and there was a great turnout! The bats however have become far less active so its good timing on the walks to now wind down (until next time!). HOWEVER, not to disappoint anyone we did not […]

Unlike previous bat walks this one was a quiet one. The main body of bats on the hunt on this evenings were Pipistrelles and they were few and far between across the woodland and park. No new sightings/recordings and no confirmations this time! Fingers crossed for a better walk on […]

Our walk was significantly quieter this week so it was really interesting to see how the change in weather really affects the hunting patterns of the bats in Ten Acres. However, we got a few really clear recordings including of two completely new bats on the site – Whiskered Myotis […]

We had a fantastic time on our bat walk again this week and were excited to get clear recordings of the Noctule and Lesser Noctule bats this time as well as two new species of bat! We were unable to confirm the Barbastelle this week so we will try again […]