EVERY FRIDAY* 10am to 2pm @ Top Meadow Garden *Starts 1st March 2024, excludes school holidays. Join us in the development of the Top Meadow Garden a unique native only forest garden with edible and rare species that sits along the River Rea in Ten Acres. Join Felipe (Spring to […]

This week we spent time on the Himalayan Balsam attacking the top meadow garden and river banks. Volunteers spent time pulling up each stem and snapping the roots, carefully laying them in existing patches to prevent any accidental spread. We also had a quick look at the muddy path which […]

We’ve been back down in TMG thanks to Love Brum this month working on a few more tree plantings and fruit bushes. We got some great plums in the ground and made headway on pushing back the sea of bramble to make more room for species. We’re planning a restorative […]

We are pleased to announce that we have won £1000 funding from the Love Brum November vote! This will earn us 10 additional Top Meadow Garden sessions with coordinator Felipe Molina in Ten Acres and help us get some much needed additional fruit trees and bushes in in the coming […]

Top meadow garden is now home to a small fairy village nestled on and around the hibernaculum using natural materials to decorate thier ‘gardens’ thanks to the kids of the top meadow gardening club! Can you spot them on your next trip out in ten acres ?