Top Meadow Garden

We received funding from The National Lottery in 2021 for building a forest garden with volunteers on Horseradish field in Ten Acres. This garden will be called “Top Meadow Garden” after the meadow that used to sit there in 1840.

Why Horseradish Field?

Horseradish field is already full of lots of tasty edible delight including Horseradish, Russet Apples, Hawthorn, Sloe and Pear. It is a small flat field directly off the widened pathway and in full daylight, so it’s not shaded by canopy cover. We felt it was the perfect spot to build upon and enhance it’s already edible nature!

Gardening Sessions

Sessions are currently completed for this funding, however we have new funding from the amazing Love Brum team for 2022 which will allow us to set an additional 10 sessions TBA.

Litter Picking

Alongside these sessions we also ran litter picking groups to help keep Ten Acres clean and tidy!

Bat Detector

We are also super pleased to announce that we have been able to purchase a great user friendly bat detector tool which we will be training our Bat Volunteer on so watch this space for bat walks coming soon!