Wildlife Survey Reports

Whenever we get the chance to have a wildlife or plant survey we will pop it in here for your perusal. They are marked as official (O) versus unofficial (U) ones. This simply means a verified and trusted organisation (such as Wildlife Trust) has done the survey versus a team of volunteers. Both types help us to create a picture of wildlife and how the changes to the site have affected the wildlife. None of these reports are exhaustive for a variety of reasons including season, weather, bad/good luck etc. Where notable events have occurred these have been mentioned.

~1970(ish) Canalisation of the River Rea~

1990 Ecorecord Survey (O)

~Period of neglect/non management~
~2019 Work begins on site management~

Noted lost species using Ecorecord include Angelica, Tansy, Sorrel, Lupin, Tall Rocket, Meadowsweet, Yellow flag, St Johns Wort. Work begins to re-introduce these primarily in Top Meadow Garden.

Other new species are noted to arrive after first year of work including helleborine, forget me not, mallow and a general increase in ground level plants such as wild garlic.

2023 first sightings of returned Angelica and Meadowsweet after bramble clearance work.


2022 May Bird Survey (O)
2022 July Bat Walks (U)
2022 December Bird Survey (O)
2022 February River Survey
2023 Bournbrook/Rea River Survey (O)
2023 River Rea Upper Survey (O)