Confirmed Microscopically by Aileen Baird from the University of Birmingham on 07/03/2021. Sarcoscypha Austriaca, common name Scarlet Elf Cup fungus Status Common, found on deadwood in wetland conditions. DetailsA bright red cup fungus commonly found throughout the UK in wetland wood habitat. Looks macroscopiocally simlar to Ruby elf cup fungus […]

Spotted by Volunteer Stephanie. First logged 18/06/20 Polyporus squamosus, common names Dryad’s Saddle, Scaly Polypore, Pheasants Back Status Common, found on deciduous trees and stumps. Season Start May Season End Aug Details This is the largest capped mushroom in the UK and can until become so heavy it can no […]

Spotted by Volunteer Stephanie. First logged 2/7/20 Trametes versicolor, common names: Turkey Tail Status Commonly Widespread fungus growing on dead wood. Details The turkeytail is a small, tough, bracket fungus that grows in tiered layers on dead wood – mainly hardwood, such as beech or oak. It is very common […]