Online Resources

NEW: Interactive Adventures

Check out the full list of our new interactive online adventures for little ones.

First of all, before you start exploring Ten Acres Stirchley with the family, please watch this important safety video (without the kids).

We are currently developing a range of online resources you can download for free to help you enjoy the Ten Acres Stirchley area as a whole (The park and the wooded area). There is lots to discover and explore so let’s get stuck in!

We will be updating our resources every week so keep checking back in!

Wellbeing Activities

Forest Bathing & Log

Nature Trails

Adventurers Map of Ten Acres

Simple Kids Nature Trail

Ten Acre Fairies – Willow Fairy

Ten Acres Fairies – Eucalypt Fairy

Ten Acres Fairies – Apple Fairies

Ten Acres Fairies – Silver Birch Fairy

Learning Activities

Raising a Butterfly (Protecting a Caterpillar)

Tree Identification with Leaves

Tree Identification with Twigs