Spotted by Wildlife Camera on 20/04/2023. Footprints spotted by volunteers. Meles Meles (Badger) Statistics Length: 75-100cmTail: 15cmWeight: 8-12kgAverage lifespan: 5-8 years Conservation status Protected in the UK under the Protection of Badgers Act, 1992, and the Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981.

Spotted by Wildlife Camera on 20/04/2023. Footprints spotted by Ruth Mottran. In person sightings reported by local residents. Muntiacus Reevesi (Muntjac Deer) Statistics Length: 77-91cmShoulder height: 45-52cmWeight: 10-17kgAverage lifespan: 10-13 years Conservation status Invasive, non-native species. Protected in the UK under the Deer Act 1991.

Veronica Beccabunga, common name – Brooklime Family Plantaginaceae Status Common Ten Acres Habitation Brooklime can be found in large patches North of the Sloe bridge on the east river bank of the river rea.

Viola Riviniane, common name – Common Dog Violet Family Violaceae Status Common Ten Acres Habitation We have found one small plant species tucked underneath a crack willow on the river edge as the bourn meets the rea.

Known since at least 2021 on site.Photograph courtesy of Roni J Suvanto. Check out more of his photographs on his instagram @birdsofstirchley Buzzard Information can be found here on the RSPB website. Ten Acres Habitation The buzzard has been spotted by numerous volunteers and the public across the site and […]


Spotted by Volunteers Kay & Steve (Logged December 2021) Tawny Owl information can be found here on the RSPB website. The tawny owl is nocturnal so it is often heard calling at night, but much less often seen. In the daytime, you may see one only if you disturb it […]

Spotted by Volunteer Stephanie. First logged June 2021 Epipactis Helleborine, common names – Broad Leaved Helleborine Family Orchid Status Common (AWVP) Ten Acres Habitation Appeared in mid 2021 after works to the canopy light and path restoration. Two single specimens found so far, one by the pathway just before the […]

Spotted by Volunteer Morgan on 11/06/2021. The exact species of newt found here is under dispute! We were originally told this was a smooth newt. But it was larger, bumpy and darker and we believe it may be a female GCN. We have since captured other smooth newts you can […]