The Return of the Lost Orchard


Our volunteer team has been working very hard this month to re open the lost orchard which has ben engulfed by nearby bramble and completely taken over and drowned. With a lot of hard graft, volunteers made significant headway this month to open it back up and so work can begin on looking after the mature and sapling plum trees found here in abundance and it won’t get swallowed up in bramble right away again.

The entrance to the Lost Orchard has also been opened up to a wide front view of the river, so you can feel safe having a walk around the orchard. The front section is due to be planted up with more heritage plum trees to help stave off the bramble and build upon the existing orchard area.

Meanwhile over the river, the Environmental Agency is tackling mature crack willows over due a prune with some serious pollarding around the river banks to improve safety of the site.


One thought on “The Return of the Lost Orchard

  1. Good fish eye lense views of the Lost Orchard volunteers work this morning with Bramble clearance looking through to Ten Acres Park extension with passers by including Linda telling is about childhood play in the River and old railway line connections to Stirchley Dads Lane Farm ( now Allotments) and post war prefab housing along Ripple Rd / Hunts Rd remains up to the 1970s
    Could record some of this on Allotments history from 1960s to present day

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