Top Meadow Garden Wildlife Discoveries

This weeks top meadow gardening club has EXCITING news!

We went to look at the tadpoles in the hidden pond, the middle sized pond in the middle of ten acres wood. Here we captured a few tadpole and froglets and looked at the differences between them. While doing so, one of the children discovered a newt! We’ve taken lots of photographs and believe it to be a Great Crested Newt, which is one of the rarer species in the UK and another good indicator of high water quality like our frogs. They eat frogspawn and froglets etc so they will be right at home here.

We also had some paper activities to do, to investigate the life cycle of the frog and the team were introduced to the tawny owl box. We had a froglio home with us and we placed it by the middle pond to help look after the frogs from predators (if they survive the newts!).


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Fri Jun 11 , 2021
Spotted by Volunteer Morgan on 11/06/2021. The exact species of newt found here is under dispute! We were originally told this was a smooth newt. But it was larger, bumpy and darker and we believe it may be a female GCN. We have since captured other smooth newts you can […]

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